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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ THE DISCOVERY OF THE COLONY ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

There was once an empire with vast armies and a history of a hundred years of continuous war and bloodshed. This empire currently owns 1/3 of the western territories ,while the other four countries were united to forge a battle line. These four countries still have conflicts among themselves. Ten years have passed without any war amongst these countries. With inadequate land to expand into, the forces of the empire start to look for a new continent on the western territories. The emperor assigns his remaining armies led by his second son to the new continent to expand his empire. After two successful expeditions to the new continent, the emperor decides to enlist and encourage his subjects to colonize this new continent.

The Year 487 BC, the second prince becomes the ruler of the new settlement principality, representing the empire and imperial family on the new continent. After 4 years, the occupants of the old empire begin to migrate to the new continent, first arriving on the southwestern edge of the continent and starting development of the new territory. They establish the base for the remaining immigrants from the old empire. However, due to shortage of natural resources and manpower, they sought these resources from the mainland for the second time. Development was slow because of constant invasions and harassment by beasts.
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RYL Background Story
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