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 About Game System !

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PostSubject: About Game System !   About Game System ! Icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 11:49 am


1) How to get it

You have to make pvp and kill other race chars to make medals.
With this medals you have to go to map 1 medal seller (is a fat man sitting), and buy there with medals.
The cost is 250 medals for jewels (each one), and 2500 for helmet.

2) How to upgrade it until AAA

You have to farm SM (Soul Metals), bosses drops it and Rocks.
Then you have to put the SM on the jewel and they change to better stats.
You have to have the exact number no more no less.

This is the table :

F to D -------> 50 SM
D to C -------> 100 SM
C to B -------> 150 SM
B to A --------> 250 SM
A to AA -------> 250 SM
AA to AAA -----> 250 SM

3) You have to make the 7 roses quest, this quest is on map 1 under the tree in the center of the city.

The quest ask you to collect 7 roses from color (white,blue, purple,yellow, black, green, red), Bosses in map 1 and 3 drops this roses, not always they have a change to drop it. Dont have yet the table of mobs, ithink in a few days i have it.
When finish you have to go with the roses to the quest NPC and change it to unique items.

4) You should mix your AAAring/neck with unique stone ( which you get from 7rose quest ). And after that you will get Unique neck/ring +0. You can upgrade them with 250craniums. Mix 250craniums with unique ring/neck for upgrade. You can upgrade the unique items for 5times.

4.1) The yang monsters are dropping craniums. The monsters placed at rc/mc islands.


1) you have to buy it with medals wich you have to win killing the other race at map 3. Need 2500 medals to buy it at map 1 (the fat man).

2- 3) You have to farm SM (soul Metals), this time you have to make a work a little diferent :
2.1) Collet 1000 SM
2.2) go to general marquet and buy 1000 G empty pots
2.3) Take 250 SM and put it on 250 G empty pots they convert to 25 helmet stones
2.4) Join the Helmets stones to make 1 pack of 100
2.5) Put them on the helmet.
2.6) DONE !!!! you have a AAA helmet.

4) There is not unique helmet. Just AAA for now.

About Roses/gallets drop

They are dropping from all bosses at map1/map3.

About 7roses quest

Collect 7 different roses for get unique stone.
You can upgrade your AAAneck/ring to unique neck/ring with unique stone.

About 7gallets quest

You can get Medal set ( 2x class medal ring / 1x medal neck / 1x medal helmet ) with the 7gallets quest. Just collect 7different gallets and bring them to quest.

( Edited from HakinBro's post Smile )


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About Game System ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: About Game System !   About Game System ! Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 9:04 am

Thank you System and HakimBro , Its helpfull for newbies. Good Job.
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About Game System !
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